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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKED - Kansas Digger - 06-06-2015

I was at the grocery store this afternoon, feeding clad into the coinstar, my detectors beside me. A man approached me, told me his wife has a couple of cheap detectors, and likes to dig from time to time. I, per usual, said that we should get together sometime. Elated, he told me they live on a farm, just outside a small town, about 20 minutes away. He then told me they had just sold the original outhouse, and plan to dig the privy soon. He invited me to join them, and, being a true treasure hunter, I accepted. I have never done one, but I can't imagine the smell being any worse than a feedlot, and the material no worse than a diaper. At least that is the hope, lol.

Has anyone dug a privy? What should we expect, and what should we look out for?

RE: OPPORTUNITY KNOCKED - 10x - 06-07-2015

I've often thought about trying to find one at the cellar holes I detect, but haven't yet. I even made a probe to search the ground. I wish you luck in your new venture. Let us know how you make out.

RE: OPPORTUNITY KNOCKED - Sea Hunter - 11-15-2016

Gary Guest use to write lots of articles about Privy hole digging. If the hole is old. there is no smell.