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Greed is killing our hobby
Internet sales & greed is killing our hobby. Internet doesn't care who you are or what you want to do. It sells to anyone. 

Use to be, we bought our toys from dealers who cared and who supplied lots of information and the only time a kid got a detector was with a responsible adult.Back then kids couldn't be trusted with metal detectors and now all the manufactures cater to the kids who know nothing about asking permission, nothing about filling in all holes even at the beach. Some kids & adults do it right & record the history too. However too many are renegades who do not give a crap about anything except what's in the next hole. This is why more laws have been passed & there too many more NO METAL DETECTING signs and many more people are now thinking negative of us. In case you did not know Government Parks, Land and Army Corp of Engineering land & most State parks and private lands are not yours and things are not there for the taking. Some of the renegades come up with good enough excuses to themselves and do not ask permission, and don't give a crap about unfilled or messy holes. They leave their own and found trash around This nonsense must stop, we all (young & old) must be ambassadors for our hobby for it to survive. Does anyone agree?
I agree 100% George. What gets me is you can usually get as good or better deal through a certified dealer like yourself than you can get on the internet. Not only that, but get questions answered that you might have about different machines and what they are capable of doing or what machine would be best for whatever type of detecting you plan on doing. As far as the slobs and bandits go, yeah, they don't do the hobbie any good. That's for sure. Like you said: all they care about is what's in the next hole. Sad
Keep the faith

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