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2015 MTHA Open Hunt
Hi All !

We've been putting on this hunt for about 25+ years.
It's located at the Blue Hills in Milton MA. The site is the beach area on Houghton Pond, it's all sand and a delight to hunt.
This year White's has something special planned for hunt day.

It used to be in April, but we've changed it to September.
The weather is better and there are too many hunts in the spring; this will ensure we don't loose participants to other hunts.

We always put as much as possible in the ground.
Top Prize will probably be a White's V3i, I'll know for sure next week.

I've attached our hunt announcement and the application.
Let me know if you have any question, I hope to see you there !

Attached Files
.pdf   2015 MTHA Open Hunt Announcemnt.pdf (Size: 160.06 KB / Downloads: 17)
.pdf   2015 MTHA Hunt Application.pdf (Size: 417.46 KB / Downloads: 15)

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