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Canada saves the day!
Had a couple hours to do some detecting yesterday. Headed into town and worked a piece of city property. Dug a pile of clad, can slaw and such but managed 2 keepers. The first was this 2 dollar coin. Always wanted to find one, just think they look cool.

About an hour later I found this little silver. I never seen one before so I googled it and was pleasantly surprised. 1870 Newfoundland 10 cent. Key date, obverse #2, minted by the royal mint in London England and only 30,000 made. They are well known for the weak strike on the reverse so the wear is expected. I posted it on another forum and was told it should grade VG which carries a value of about $300. Here it is....

So for a day of digging clad and trash in central Maine, Canada saved the day Smile Was a fantastic day!

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