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Aug 9 Chilli, hot dogs, shared picnic and a 500+ silvers metal detector hunt
If a member or guest of a member of  Professional Treasure Hunter's Historical Society, BONE or Forum or a supporter YOU  ARE INVITED 

T.D. Bunce (Tom) author of the newest treasure hunting sensation "Finder's Secrets of Success" will be doing a book signing at our Sunday Aug 9 shared picnic & 500+ silvers (including 100 Barber coins) metal detector hunt .Two members of the Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society are Chapters in the book, my recommendation is on back cover and the author is a member and a friend too.
  Aug. 9 picnic & 500+ silvers (including 100 silver  Barber dimes) hunt in Keene, NH 
by advance reservation to George Streeter and sponsored by the PTHHS and George Streeter. 
  Tony Brongo the New England Whities Metal detector distributor will be representing Whites and again serving his famous Chill.  Event limited to 50 & advance reservation only. All  attending are asked  to bring and share a  salad, [b]casserole,  or a favorite beverage or desert. The picnic is   free and hunt $25.00 each and 1/2 price  for BONE workers for BONE 22 workers  and volunteers.  Space and attendance   limited and all by advance (before Aug 1, 2015)  to BONE, 307 main St., Marlborough, NH 03455   [/b]

Advance Notice!!!  

23rd  Best O' North East  = 6 days 

 6 day package includes 4 Natural Hunts      Hobby show & 8 workshops, 4 meals  and $5,000 seeded metal detector hunt

BONE Package price   
BONE 23 Package  7/1/15 to  9/1/15 $300. each
[b]BONE 23 [b]Package [/b]9/2/15 to 12/31/15 $350.  [/b]

         [b]BONE 23  Package  1/1/16 to 4/1/16 is $400 each.[/b]

Cut off sign up is April 1, 2016 

 Natural Hunts $75 each x 4 = $300.00

Seeded hunt $125. each = $125 

4 banquets @ $25. each= $100.00

Hobby show & workshops $10.00

Chinese Auction $20.00

Metal Detector of Choice raffle $10.00

Annual  Early  registering [b]Discounts    [/b]

$100 off  & $300 for package before September of next BONE  

$50 off & $350 for package when registering  September to December 

Registering in Year of BONE is $400 & cut off for all sales is April 1.

Jan 1 to April 1, 2016 (cut off date for signing up) $400.00 each

if I made a mistake somewhere, its old age, and please point out to me and I will correct later

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