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Hunting on Sunday
Was out plowing snow for two days, but it looks like sunday will be nice. We are going to try to get out an hunt on that day. Hope the weather man is right. Duane+Cindy
Looks like a great weekend for detecting. I am planning on hitting the sea coast beaches each day. Not quite sure which beaches yet but north Salisbury (beach 6 and north) will probably be one of the days. Maybe north Hampton or Jenness the other. Depends on where my normal hunting buddy wants to go too.

Good Luck with your weekend hunt.
My group (Scott, Jay Wayne & me) will be at Revere Beach finding gold this Sunday.
Sounds like a contest between you guys an us, WE ARE UP FOR IT Duane+Cindy
George an group hope you did better than us, we crossed the border under cover of darkness into Vt an came back with 8 pennies an a bag of junk. How did you guys do? This might be it for the season, but hope not. Duane+Cindy
Bernie and I got out to the north part of Salisbury by beach 6 and north from there. Didn't find much besides aluminum trash and 2 nickels. Since I found both nickels I was winner for the day though 2 nickels hardly qualifies as winning any hunts ;-)

Hopefully the upcoming storm will wash some of that sand off of the beaches.
I guess you forgot about meeting and talking with me at the beach.
Only 2 cents makes someone the winners or the losers.

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