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Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Thank You  Beaver Brook Lodge #36 of Independent Order of Odd Fellows
      Being a 48 year member of the IOOF helped with # 22. 
 Every Best O' North East (BONE) treasure weekend and now week  was a problem, which had to be solved. #22  was a bit more difficult without cooks  for our  banquets,. Jeannie had a   injury and Dennis would be out of country until late Saturday night. Thank goodness for my   lodge brother Mike Athanasopoulos  who found Carmen Lower to cook the   “all you can eat” Roast pork Friday night banquet and  volunteered to do the prime rib banquet for $15.00 each. Everything & everyone was perfect.  Other important volunteer helpers were the kichen help, great meal and service,   huntmaster  Brian Thomas &  our security   agent Howard Johnson and my right hand man Dominic Geraci. Thank you Joe Audette,    Logan Thomas, Steve Baldwin, Brandon Stewart, Chris Redmond, CT Todd, George Brooks,   Henry ,  Chris, Jason, Bill & Barbara Barker & their clan,  Nutmeg Treasure Hunters & MA GPAA.
  A big THANK You to Grand View Farm and  Kenneth Geraghty for lrtting us have our best ever   natural hunts. Ihank you to  Mel & Barbara Sanders  $300 donation and Lynn Merritt for selling most raffle tickets..
  At banquets  Nigel, Dominic,  Julio, Dennis &  Howard raised over $900 for expenses with   silver dollar raffles.  Sat night $420 was  most  ever taken in on a silver dollar raffle..    
 BONE use to donate a $500.a year to St Jude Hospital and now its donates at least 3 times as much. We also donate to the  Wounded Warriors and the Dublin Christian Academy.. 
 Carmen Lower never cooked for more then 40 people  and we were 50+ The volunteer kitchen staff enjoyed working with Carmen and Mike Athanapolus who cooked and served the Hall of fame Prime Rib banquet were excellent. 
 Without our usual cooking staff and fill in cooks all was excellent  Thank you to to  Joe Audette of Greenfield, MA who delivered the food to banquet and  did all that was necessary to make the meals happen> he also   worked the kitchen both nights and  washed the pots and pans.

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