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I'm not much of a fan
I'm really not a fan of this forum template. I am on a bunch of forums and I really don't care for the lay out and functionality of this template. I don't mean any disrespect to anyone but it think we can do better. Something like the old forum or NH forum and many others. When you look at this you can't tell in a glance what's going on. From lightly posting we have gone to nobody posting. Again not trying to piss anybody off.
When I go digging its always with landowner permission.
Dig Colonial or Go Home
User input is welcome, I am not sure what you want to change?
Is it the home page doesn't show a list of new post and only shows a black dot on the left of the forum topics?
If that's the case all you need to do is click the "portal" link on the top of the page and it will show the list of new post.
I agree with Todd. Lost all of the old valuable info. There aren't too many topics or posts, since this new forum started. I'd like to see it run successful, lik ethe older forum. It appears we lost a lot of users. Lets hope things change.
Our old web designer   said it would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to rewrite present programs for both sites. In regards to Johnny5 I had been posting for  months site would end & get what info you want before it goes. I cant   afford updating expenses and asked  Forrest to provide  information for both sites to Ron and my son Scott (volunteers)  and they would  build  new sites. Instead of working with us, Forrest sent everything   in one big jumbled up computer coded file.   Ron & Scott  had to  search for anything recovered, they too can not afford to work for nothing and everything turns to crap. .Right now George Brooks beach hunter is   the moderator and he would like help. 
  What we have is something to work with and improve to the way we like it and this is what we are trying to do. The only person who can make changes now is Ron and he is in N.C.

Work with us and make it work is our only option

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