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No Metal Detecting on National Sea Shores
No Metal Detecting  On  National Sea Shores

  If an area is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government,  then metal detecting is prohibited.  If Park Service personnel use    detectors in these areas, then they are   breaking the law. The law  doesn't say that detecting is prohibited unless you work for the
Park Service. It says that detecting is prohibited-period!
     Laws regulating the use of detectors vary from State to State. As I understand it, in Massachusetts you may detect on sand beaches  and in the water, but not in grassy areas or on sand dunes. This is in State Parks not Federal. In Connecticut and New Jersey a permit is required to search State Parks and I believe you're restricted to the  sand beaches.    There was an article in a   issue of "Treasure" entitled     "Pennsylvania's Parks Open To Detectors". I'm not certain, but I    think they too use a permit system. However, you aren't limited  to sand beaches. They may not permit detectors in the water at State Beaches, however, a past officer in the FMDAC, said about 8 years  ago that Pennsylvania didn't allow detectors in the water at State Beaches because someone had stepped  in a hole dug by a detectorist and drowned. Personally, I think this is absurd  I hate to admit it, but this was about 1975! So, the reason for the drowning has been around for a  long time  and  now they can explain how the hole came to be!
    I don't know where you can obtain accurate information in any given State. Laws change so rapidly and even the latest book is not   very accurate anymore. Everyone you talk to has a different interpretation of the rules, regulations or laws governing the use   of metal detectors.  I strongly recommend you don't detect unless you have permission. Doing it without permission gives all hobbyist a bad name.
   Don't leave things open to interpretation! Too many times the interpretation is "no, you can't do that here".  If the person you are asking is a detectorist themselves, he or she may say no because they don't want the competition.    Saying no is the easy way out. So don't ask if you  can detect there, instead ask if there are any  laws or ordinances  against their use. They have to answer truthful

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