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Benefits of
benefits of treasure hunting    by Tom Blondell 
Good question. I would assume the answer has a lot to do with who you are. With that in mind I'll just relate what the benefits have been for me. I'd have to say metal detecting is like a carrot on a stick in that I know treasure is out there just waiting to be found but ; Where to look? 
The search for where has been a rewarding experience in it's self. I've spent countless hours researching Territorial Trails, Stagecoach stops, forgotten race tracks, torn up streets and sidewalks, neighboring states, foreign countries, Celtic Tribes, Caribbean Islands, Spanish Fleets and Pirate lore. The research then leads to actually hunting the ground you have selected in your mind. Whether you find treasure or not is often up to Lady Luck and the validity of your research. Unknown physical changes to Mother Earth can foil the best laid plans. Win , lose or draw you at least end up with the knowledge gained from all that research. 
A benefit for me is exploring the subtle variables of how I interact with my metal detector as it relates to picking out targets. I have used a model known as Explorer throughout most of my time detecting and have been able to make three major shifts in the way I use that machine to date with yet another in progress. The flexibility of this model is nothing short of amazing. If I run into a difficult site I can make a variety of adjustments to the program and basically create a different detector to deal with the problem right there in the field. It's like I'm learning to master a new trade that I enjoy. 
I also like to problem solve and so the sore elbow I would experience while swinging my Explorer during all day sessions was a challenge I was ready and willing to take on. I first tried switching to a lighter detector as a solution but found that I didn't have the confidence in the lighter machine that I had in my Explorer. So I just had to find a way to lighten up the Explorer and hip mounting was the obvious solution. The final solution took some trial and error but I arrived at a very satisfactory solution. It encompassed losing the arm cuff and rest, replacing the upper shaft with a Sun ray Probe and upper shaft which was shortened then hung in a holster on my left side. To this was attached a replacement cable for an Explorer coil which was also fitted with a male connector on the bottom end. This cable was then attached to the coil of choice which I mounted to a spare Excalibur handle & shaft. I secured the cable to the shaft and handle with black hair bands I stole from my wife. 
I've met a lot people in this treasure hunting endeavor and I would have to say I like most of them. I travel through cyberspace daily checking the posted finds of my fellow detectorists here and abroad and I am routinely stunned by what they have brought up into the light. The benefits of metal detecting for lost treasure are as you can see many and varied. As many and varied as the lives of each and every individual involved in this passion. One thing that I can say for sure is that this is not a spectator sport. It is strictly for the living. 

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