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many BONE Winners here
Just so everyone knows and I forget, for the BONE 23 Awards Banquet, April 23 at Marlborough House with Prime Rib & Chef Michael Athanasopoulos 

Being inducted into our Hall of Fame this year are long time treasure hunter's Bob Lavoy, Chris Redmond, Bob Bromley, Todd CtTodd Yerks, Julio Razquin, Dave McMahon, Duane & Cindy Elkins, Dominic Geraci, Donald Foster, Earle Lynde, author Tom Bunce, Michael & Daniel Berzweig of Detector Electronics, Vaughn Garrett of Garrett Metal Detectors, Tom Walsh CEO of Fisher/Bounty, and a surprises. The Best O' North East Treasure Hunter of 2016 is Todd CtTodd Yerks . BONE Prospecting magazine of year is ICMJ, BONE Book of Year "Finders Secrets of Success" by Thomas Bunce   Born 2 B award was won by  Kyle Meyerrose, Treasure Club and magazine of year is American Digger and metal detector year is Minelab CTX 3030.
Although I won't be able to make it to the BONE 23 Awards Banquet, I want to thank George Streeter not only for nominating me to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but for all his hard work and dedication he has invested for so many years to the hobby. I received my plaque in the mail today, and must say it is really appreciated. Thanks again George, and I hope BONE 23 is the best and most successful one yet. Earle (10X)

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Keep the faith
Congratulations to you Earle. I'm very sorry that you won't be there in person I was looking forward to seeing you. You are an ambassador of the hobby.
Be well see you soon.
When I go digging its always with landowner permission.
Dig Colonial or Go Home
Thank you, its great to be able to do things for people who deserve it. I started a ball I can not stop and love most every minute of it. Earle! it's a great picture and thank you for your work on behalf of promoting our hobby in a responsible way. Ct Todd and you both are ambassadors for our hobby.
Thanks guys. It would have been nice to see you again also Todd. It's been quite a while.
Keep the faith

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