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Metal Detecting Advice Needed!
I currently have a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, and I love the machine! But it doesn't do well on the beaches, nor is it waterproof. I would like to get a machine that is waterproof and will do well in fresh and salt water. I've done a lot of research but I wanted some advice from people that detect in the area that I will be detecting. I have the opportunity to purchase a Tesoro Sand Shark with an 8" coil, that has never been used, for $300.00. Does anyone know if buying this machine would be worth doing, and would the warranty carry over to me? Should I buy that detector, or buy a new detector like the Pi Dual Field or Mark II? Thanks for any help!

If you want something cheap and good for water (ocean or fresh)  I only recommend the Fisher 1280-x The best is 10 X better and more money.  if you get  what I recommend will cost you over $1,400.  I think you got ripped off with the Bounty Hunterand you would have done better. with a Name BRAND and a better quality metal detector.
Really? I've heard that the 1280x is very chatty In salt water, but I heard that the Sand Shark was one of best pulse induction metal detectors, and is less responsive to higher materialization than VLF detectors.
I know what I am talking about  and have been a multi-line dealer including Bounty Hunter  since 1973, The  absolute  best for water is the Minelab Excalibur II.
So are you saying that it is not worth getting the Sand Shark?
Anything is better then nothing. Its a noisy detector and if you get a sand shark and are still using it after a year, you are one of a few. Most I sold a sand shark have moved up to Minelab. Popular brands for underwater are Minelab, Garrett, Fisher, DetectorPro and in my opinion the Minelab is the best.
Ok thanks for the help!
Been organizing small group treasure hunting trips to Caribbean since 1986, I do not know it all and far from being an expert. My opinions based on being a multi line dealer and as a treasure hunting trip organizer.

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