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New Contest for week of 2/14
Sorry I didn't pick a winning number earlier but it was a super busy week for me and I was sick with a cold for most of it too.

Anyway the winning number is 37 so that means that Bearbait was the closest with a pick of 36. Let me know which coin you want and send me your postal address and I will get the coin in the mail. Congrats!
Bot that it mattters to me, but I believe I won with 39. According to the rules its the closet to the number without going over, per your post.

should be Not instead of Bot
Thank You Steve for the contest. Duane-Cindy
Oops...My apologizes I had it backwards....don't know what I was thinking...congratulations Duane & Cindy. Too bad I couldn't erase my blunder, and yes ...Thanks Steve for running the contest.

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