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where are BONE 23 pictures
Where is the BONE 23 picture gallery. Members have pictures to post but no where to put them.
next to Bone 22 - Bone --> Bone 23 --> Pictures and Video
Says admin password required.
should be fixed now, but I can't test it since I get auto logged in. Let me know if it works ok now.
I see  a photo link to BONE 22, 21, 20 & 19 but no link to #23.  You could add Bob and Raven's pictures to it.
it is set up under the BONE forum just like BONE 22. I am on the vacation to the Bahamas I told you about now and don't have a very good link to the internet plus I am on vacation so I will get to it when I get back.
No problem,
my concern was want # 23 with 22 and others and not sepaate like it is
I fixed the photo gallery so everyone can upload their pictures there if they want.
The Bone 23 gallery is here.

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