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owns and manages this forum
Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society   "Promoting  to preserve the treasure hunting  hobbies" 

   The Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society (PTHHS) started back in 1992 by Streeters Treasure Hunting Supply.  Members & supporters organize group activities like outings, workshops,  hunts, cook outs, mystery hunts, contests, and the annual Best O" North East treasure week. To keep all informed, Streeters  started the Treasure Hunter Gazette newspaper, this forum and fundraisers for St Jude's Children's Hospital, Wounded Warriors and the Dublin Christian Academy. To date have given many thousands to charities and helping members. 
      We are always seeking advice, volunteers and donations, if interested contact George Streeter.

A 1st year's PTHHS  membership is either $25 or free with a metal detector purchase from Streeter's Treasure Hunting Supply and free memberships are given to all signing up for BONE events.    A two year renewal is $25. and 10 years for $99.00

You can join by email, mail or at Streeters.
  • name 
  • address
  • phone #
  • email address
  • web address
  • a name of a friend or relative to contact  in  case of emergency. 
  • With  check payable to, sent to PTHHS, 307 Main St., Marlborough, NH 03455 .

  • All are invited to see our museum at Streeters in Marlborough. NH
More details  email George @

George Streeter

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