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Hi I am Dave and have been metal detecting for 3 years and am totally hooked. Smile Smile  I love detecting and I would love to find a group or club to join. I am also looking for digs to get involved in. I look forward to reading your stories and seeing pics of your finds. I am just learning how this forum works but as soon as I learn more about it I will post a few of my more exciting finds. If you are in the manchester area I would be interested in getting together to go out and detect around the area. Thanks.
Forum and Society SUNDAY gathering with a natural & seeded hunt , picnic, door prizes and fun, $20 each or $25 for family. Streeters & the PTHHS supplying  only hot dogs and rolls and paper. Anything else will have to be shared by others. Nick & Dale are bringing corn on cob again.  Expecting   about 25, need  beans, salads, chips, soda, desserts. Minelab donated 2 Go Finds, and 2 vests and whites will I am sure bring some small stuff. Have not asked anyone else, just MINELAB and WHITE'S of NEW ENGLAND. 
 Aug 6 Saturday, if enough interest, a 9 natural hunt, with 7:pm drawing for XP raffle prize and pay your own  Chinese across from Streeters. 
 Saturdays Natural Hunt is $25 each in advance
Sunday is $20 for one  & a family for $25.00 and psay in advance. Sundays picnic is sharing one and it needs food & drink.
Sign up send $$ to PTHHS, 307 Main St., Marlborough, NH 03455 as soon as you can. No signing up on day of event. any questions send a PM on Facebook to me, George Streeter

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