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Introduction - Thanks for the ADD
My name is Alan and I'm from Granby, CT. Did alot of MD'ing with my Dad back in the 70's, in those days we had a COMPASS metal detector and were able to find pouches full of silver at local parks and playing fields.  As life seems to happen, I took a break from MD'ing for a while and have gotten back into it in the past 2 years.  I'm a member of our local club, The Yankee Territory Coinshooters who just held their 40th anniversary.  Last March I participated in my first Diggin' in Virginia (DIV XXXIV) hunt at Brandy Station. Found a few things, nothing too exciting, but learned a heck of alot, and hope to be going back in November.   I haven't been digging alot lately here in CT as it has been so HOT & DRY, I don't want to dig in any lawns but I've lined up a bunch of property permissions for the Fall.  Would love to attend the BONE in the Spring.
Alan A. Huot
Granby, CT
I have lost a set of keys on Coatham Beach, Redcar. Last night 8/8/16 at 9pm. It is at the main entrance to the beach, next to the caravan park. The keys have a large dark grey Renault thob on them. I would appreciate greatly if somebody comes across them. It is worth £40 reward. @harryford - I was playing football with my daughter passing the ball between each other for 50m extending out from that entrance.
Hi Mark, Unfortunately (for you) this forum is for folks located in the States, in the New England area. So none of us are going to be able to look for your lost item in the UK. Good Luck finding someone to find it for you.

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