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A woman's point of view
Who Are You? 
By Norma Parda.
 Most everyone can be identified in life. Be it by name, face, birthmarks, profession, you name it. People want to know who you are. It’s not much different in the treasure hunting world.
 My husband and I have been metal detecting for 20 years. About 10 years into this hobby, I got the idea, (after numerous questions of who we were, and what we did when we approached people to ask permission to hunt) to make an I.D. business card. I went on my computer, found a card program and just played with the many fonts, clip art, and colors, I wanted to use. At first the card was a simple, basic card. Since there was no clip art for metal detecting specifically, I settled for the only coin-art I could find. I duplicated the coin many times and used them as a boarder for the top and bottom of the card. In the middle of the card on the first line I put the words “ Metal Detectorists / Treasure Hunters” . Under that was, “Since 1986”. The next line was, “We do recovery of lost items by appointment.. And finally, our first names, and phone number. The most important information on the card, was on the back. There, was The Metal Detecting Code of Ethics. The card was straight forward and to the point. 
 Since then, computers have gotten more complex and have better programs. Now I am able, with the help of my digital camera, to put pictures of our actual finds, and a picture of my husband & I, on the card to make it more personally ours. The wording, however, is still the same. I made this card for several reasons. First; When we ask permission to hunt we are not just asking, we are giving the property owner something tangible, with identifiable information, to keep for future reference. 
It shows them who we are and that we are responsible metal detectorists, who are not afraid to standby, or exceed, the standards of the metal detecting hobby.
Second; The Metal Detecting Code Of Ethics on the back of the card, gives an owner the guide lines by which we conduct, or should, conduct ourselves. It is the minimum standard, and most important factor, for the detectorist in this hobby. It gives the owner a sense of security knowing we will respect him and his property.
Finally; If an owner needs, or knows anyone who needs our services in finding something lost, relating to our hobby, they know who we are and how to contact us. We have been called many times to find lost items for people, and offer this service free of charge in and around our area.
On one occasion, my husband and I were out detecting, and a cop pulled up alongside the field we were in. My husband was ahead of me a distance so I turned back to talk to the cop. I said “hi” and he returned the hi to me. I asked if something was wrong. I wasn’t worried because we knew the owners name and had permission to be there. 
He said, “no no, nothing is wrong, I saw you guys out there detecting. My father-in-law metal detects but he does it in California”. We got to talking about the hobby and told him about things we have found. Before long, my husband joined in. Not long after that the owner of the field saw us and stopped to make sure the cop wasn’t giving us any trouble about being there. All was well, and we all had a great conversation. Before the cop left we said, “here is a card with our information“. He thanked us and left. Now when he sees us again he will remember us, by face, name, and our card, which will connect it all together for him.
I.D. cards are a great tool for every facet of treasure hunting. We have given out many over the past ten years. And however you want to make it, let your creative juices flow. Make a card that reflects who you are and your love for that hobby, whatever that may be. Show your fun personality and let people know who you are.
Simply put; if you treat people the way you want to be treated, which is the “Golden Rule” that still holds true, and approach people in a friendly manner, the way you would want to be approached, shows respect for them and their property, and puts most people at ease with you and the reason your there. I.D. cards are just another ice breaking-starting point for the purpose your after, which is gaining permission and trust.
Have fun & Happy hunting Norma Parda.

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