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BONE #24 2017 Treasure Hunter's Hall of Fame
Requirements for being nominated to the Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society Hall of Fame
Personal efforts in promoting to preserve the treasure hunting hobbies.
Nominated to date  for BONE #24 2017 Treasure Hunter's Hall of Fame 
Hall of Fame Awards banquet April 29 with  Prime Rib and some treasure hunting secrets from the Pros
Debbie Smikoski  
Allyson Cohen
Laura Kucharczyk 
Juliane Karbonik
Anita   Holcombe
Butch  Holcombe
Tony Browning
Joe Tessandori, 
David Bailey
Curt Bruso, 
Norman Messier
Ronnie DeGretto
Robert & Norm Salter
Raven Schwan-Noble
Nick  & Dale  Rudy 
Ronald Kiesewetter
David Nolan 
Gary Douglas
Jay Verberg

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