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always can use some help
 The forum was set up as a ways to keep  the Professional Treasure Hunters and  Best O' North East (BONE) connected.  It always needs help and posts.    Steve Pearsall is our current Forum administrator.  
  In 1973 Streeter's  was established and  with help from  first customers  and friends, we  started the Yankee Treasure Hunters Club.  In  1992 the YTHC became  the  Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society (International club) and in 1993  the Treasure Hunter's Gazette  and planning for our annual Best O North Treasure Hunter's Conference. 

 Streeter's  is an authorized dealer for Minelab, Garrett, Whites, XP Deus,  Fisher, Teknetics & Detector Pro metal detectors  and accessories and we are a Keene Engineering prospecting dealer. If you need it, we either have it or can get it for you. Even though we have over 100 metal detectors in stock, and lots of prospecting stuff,  if  looking for a particular item, call first in NH 603 876 4443.  

George Streeter
I changed the registration type to confirmation email so admin approval is no longer required.


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