No post thread button
No post thread button in introduction thread!
It's on the bottom right on every page when you're logged in.

Top left! Vlad set me up an account
Hi Dthela - Vlad works on a different forum besides this one and so he can't set up an account here for you, besides you already have an account.

When you are on the page that lists each of the threads in a forum there should be a black button at the lower right corner of the page that says, "New Thread" - just click on that button and you should be able to start a new thread there.
I my name is Mike and having same issue on the Intro page having no post button on page
I have the same problem on my Mac, but this seems to work for me...

Go to the forum you want to post in (and there will be no button to post a new thread).
Go back to the main page.
Then go to the forum you want to post in again, this time, hopefully the button to post a new thread will be there.

That is what I have to do to log in. Hope all is well.

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