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Hello everyone, 
I have a question about coil comparisons. I have a Whites MXT 300 and I'm searching with the 12" super coil that came with the machine. Ok, how would the 6"x10" DBL. "D" stack up against the 12 ?
I've owned both a DFX and a VX3 and the 6/10 DD was my goto coil on both machines. I prefer the field patterns of DD coils to concentric coils so keep that in mind but I found the DD more effective at covering big fields at depth than even the 12 inch concentric coils plus they are a lot lighter so your arm doesn't wear out so fast.
From a White's 30+ year dealer, my recommendation FOR BEST RESULTS   USE  A WHITE'S 6" x 10" DD COIL

Thank you, I will defiantly be adding this coil to my set-up.
much appreciated!!

Ron G.

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