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Professional Diver Jorge
Professional Treasure Diver & Treasure Hunter Jorge Andani, new Gazette writer

I firmly believe in the mystery, I also believe that the lives of those we love and feel passion for the pursuit of treasures are, in some strange way, united. That's why, when, some time ago, this capricious fate made my friend George Streeter and I know each other, I felt we would do something together, George asked me to write something for his little treasure hunting newspaper, and of course I could not refuse.

My name is Jorge Andani,
I am a professional diver, that is my job, but if I had to define myself, I would say that I am an adventurer, a traveler and a restless soul.
I could not say exactly why, but I have always felt an enormous and strange attraction to the bottom of the sea and especially for the wrecks and all those mysteries that remain hidden and forgotten under its waters. The fact that I was born on the shores of the Mediterranean made it easy for me to start my first incursions and underwater explorations from an early age, little by little this youthful hobby became a way of life that made my way, in time, take me , Inevitably, to become a treasure hunter.
The sea is the bed of countless ships that at some point in history left the surface and began to populate the unfathomable submarine lands. Shipwrecks caused by the forces of nature, man-made accidents, tragic consequences of war ... Each sunken ship is the product of specific circumstances and keeps a unique story inside. The wrecks are vestiges of the past times, relics that sometimes reach the thousands of years of antiquity. Investigating, exploring, and unraveling these secrets has always seemed to me to be an exciting activity, surrounded largely by a certain romantic air and a strong halo of mystery.
  Thirty years ago I dug my first wreck, since then I have found and identified more than a hundred lost boats from virtually every era, and I have always done it with true passion, sometimes for work and sometimes for pure liking, but always with Respect and love of history that each and every one of these shipwrecks.
Some of my experiences:
I started my career as a professional diver in the late 1980s specializing in the naval sector, doing work all over the national territory.
Later I traveled to South America where I was part of the search and recovery expedition of the "Our Lady of Light", sunk in 1792 in Rio de La Plata, Montevideo (Uruguay), where we recovered a huge treasure composed of hundreds of Gold and silver coins, bullion and various jewels. Managed to locate several shipwrecks in the area, including the ship "Roxane", sunk in July 1945 which is said to be carrying a personal cargo of Benito Mussolini
In 1994 I traveled to Brazil where I continued my training in the commercial diving sector, doing deep diving work on the oil platform for the company Universal Services concessionaire of PETROBRAS, with Headquarters in Fortaleza (Ceará).
In 1996 I was hired by the company Aqua Maritima, based in Sao Paolo, where I participated as a specialist diver and submarine electronics operator, in three campaigns aboard the underwater exploration ship Paolo Cesar II, obtaining the location and identification of A dozen historical shipwrecks at depths between 40 and 120m. Of depth, located in the Parcel of Manoel luis, a mountain range of submarine reefs located in front of the coast of Sao Luis de Maranhao (declared natural park, and one of the most important cemeteries of ships of America).
Later I travel to Amazonas where I make a series of contacts and from there I go to the province of Minas Gerais, joining a group of gold prospectors (gold and diamond prospectors) entering the raft through the Rio das Mortes. Diving for the extraction of gold.
I traveled to Chile, where, together with an Argentine businessman, and a former submarine lawyer of the Chilean Navy, we founded the submarine exploration company Reyes Católicos S.A. , With the authorization of the National Monuments Board of Chile and as director of operations, organized and directed the search for the Spanish Patache "San Juan de Dios", sunk in 1620 on the coast of Arauco From Chile). With a shipment of 300,000 silver coins.
After that, and already working on my own, I lead a search and underwater exploration expedition on Mocha Island, 32 kilometers off the coast of Tirua (famous for the nearly 30 shipwrecks registered on its coast and have always been a base Of equipment of different corsairs and pirates) where to the Island Robinson Crusoe (Archipelago Juan Fernandez) where we realized works of exploration and location of the English Galleon "Speedwell" .logging to recover different objects and its enormous anchor.
Return to Spain, where I continue my activities in commercial diving and technical diving exploration, focusing my work on historical research and location of shipwrecks belonging to the two world conflicts and the period of the Spanish Civil War, as well as different Ancient ships of the Roman, Greek and Phoenician times, and several galleons and frigates sunk on the Mediterranean coast.
I continue to search, because after many projects carried out and hundreds of boats explored and rescued, I still think that the real reason for this passion is not in the findings, but in the search ...

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