Thank you Congressman Bass
Thank you   Charlie Bass 
for making BONE #24 the Greatest
Streeters & the Professional Treasure Hunter’s Historical Society’s organized the best BONE ever.!! Thanks to Charlie Bass.
In the natural hunts, Tony Browning’s George Washington Inaugural button was best find and Terry Smith’s 1823 Half Dollar won find of year. Good crowd this year and most sold out. Each natural hunt had 60, 72 went to Sat Night Awards banquet & 65 attended Sunday’s $6,000 Seeded hunt. Jim Corbett won the $1,000 treasure chest. Free hot dog lunch by Chef Chris Redmond
Saturday’s Hobby Show was great as usual and well attended. Workshops were great & and Ct Todd’s was the best. Dozens of find display by area pros. Club & businesses booths Including Minelab, Garrett, Whites, Fisher, & Detector Pro. & XP Deus.. Glenn Watson, Hillsville, VA (a first Streeter customer) provided an all day Electrolysis demonstration. ICMJ gold panning contest with Craig Gifford & Frank Neal was won by Hank Walter. of Riverside, RI. Best find contest won by Terry Smith with U.S. 1823 Bust half dollar. Silent auction had a Minelab Excalibur, GO Find 40 & XTerra 505, Teknetics T-2, Garrett AT Pro, & items from Detector Pro, Ron & Gold Digger, Dennis DeWeerdt, and many others. @ Saturday night prime rib Awards Banquet 26 were inducted into BONE 24 Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame including our youngest . Julianne Karbonik……….. A Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society membership & a Gazette subscriptions is now $50 for 2 years. Paid members are allowed to purchase a new metal detector a year @ **Streeters for up to 20% off suggested retail & able to register in advance to BONE events for up to 20% off.

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