my son Scott Streeter was in an accident
He is lucky to be still with us. He was in car accident (his mom's Subaru). He had to be air vaced to Worcester Medical with

head injuries and a broken & dislocated hip. He had  a stainless steel plate put in his hip, bandaged up and in a week sent home in a wheel chair.

 He graduated to a walker and can now walk without it.  Sore and in Pain, he is determined to get better.  
Sorry to hear he is going through this. I can sympathize with him to some extent. I have pulminary hypertension which makes you short of breath and chronicly tired and exhausted. They have me on home oxygen and a bunch of medications. Just started seeing a new pulmonologist at Mass General who seems to be making be some progress fixing me u so fingers crossed.
Sorry to hear about your son, George.
Sorry to hear about your son George. I hope he has a full and speedy recovery.
Keep the faith
Sorry to hear about Scotts accident, hope he keeps getting better.

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