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Hey George; too hot to print?
The following was submitted to American Digger with my recent article on Bone 24, but they declined to print it:

Something occurred during one of the paid hunts and I feel I would be remiss not to comment on it.  While hunting one of the fields I noticed a small group of guys hunting outside the marked boundaries of the field.  The hunt-master had been very clear at the start where we could and could not hunt, as stipulated by the property owners when he negotiated the permission for the hunt.  I assumed that the guys were late arrivals and didn’t know they weren’t allowed to hunt the 10-yard strip between the stonewall lined road and the field, though the field was marked with ribbon.  I approached the closest man and politely explained that they weren’t allowed to hunt there, and he looked up and rolled his eyes like a thirteen-year-old girl.  They moved, but took their time to cross over into the field.
I hunted the field for a few hours oblivious to everything else, eventually making my way back to the vehicle.  I was incredulous to find that the men were back detecting in the off-limits area.  The first time I had given them the benefit of the doubt, but this time they looked up as if to say; “screw you”.  There were several others in the parking area, not detecting, but watching the men.  I raised my voice and stared talking to no-one in particular “what the hell are you doing, you were told this area was off limits, and a few things I don’t recall.  They responded again with the little girl eye-rolls but otherwise ignored me.  They resumed what they were doing, dug one more target (a crown cap), then got in their vehicle and left. 

How can someone be so ignorant and selfish to ignore the wishes of the property owner and hunt anywhere they feel like?  Are they such poor hunters that they need an edge over everyone else by poaching their finds in off limits area?  After all the work that the hunt master and others had put in to secure the permission to hunt, you reward them by disrespecting the property owners and risk getting everyone thrown-out?  I got their plate number and reported them, hopefully they will not be invited back, but I was still hot and just wanted to smack them upside the head.  I realize now what I should have done was take out my phone and recorded them.  Then I could have posted it on YouTube and every detecting forum I could think of, letting people know that these people were the ones hurting our hobby; the ones that still hunt protected areas, leave trash and holes everywhere and have no concern about landowners rights or wishes.  These are the people that need to be called out, no more “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” between detectorists when someone breaks the rules.  If you aren’t being mindful that you are an ambassador to the hobby and your actions are being watched by many groups that want to shut us down, then you are serving as a bad example and shouldn’t even own a detector, period.

And while I’m at it, to whom ever left the paddock gate wide open, THINK next time you enter a gated field.  Just because you don’t see the cattle or horses, the gate was closed for a reason.  If you can’t remember to close it, then don’t bother opening it in the first place.  It is hard enough to secure new permissions these days, if you can’t follow simple rules then, please just stay home.
You're correct there are a few who don't care. I run into them all the tine at the beach (leaving holes uncovered). Just like the people on the beach with dogs either there during summer when dogs aren't allowed (not the dogs fault as they can't read) or not picking up dog poop. I once saw a guy just cover the poop over with beach sand but never caught up to him before he left. It's like I tell my wife all the time there's a lot of A$$holes in this world. Hopefully someday they'll all get there just rewards. It was nice meeting you at the Bones 24, I don't subscribe to American Digger anymore but heard about the article you wroyte. Could you please post it on this forum, Thanks Johnny5.
Thank you Doc for alerting us, there always seems to be a few A H who mess things up.

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