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1st time ocean hunting
1st weekend of Oct I decided to take a trip to Hampton Beach.. Have never detected the
ocean with my CTX 3030 and hadn't been to Hampton in over 25 yrs..  Well it was an
experience.. I took more photo's than I found coins.. the size of the beaches up the coast
at low tide are overwhelming to a beginner trying this alone.. I can see where digging at
night with a headlamp might have it's good points.. I won't even tell you what my settings
were... other than "they weren't right" and I need a lightweight sand scoop if I'm going to do
this again..
Saturday was totally drenching till late afternoon.. but fun.. found clad coins, a 1994 Canadian
dollar and 1 earring on that rainy day, at Jenness State Beach... fast forward to Sunday, 13 hrs
later, sunny beautiful day, back at Jenness... 30 feet from where I found my 1st earring I
found the 2nd one with the same 12-5 ringtone.. couldn't believe it when I pulled it from the sand..
not that lucky at most things.. so now I have a cool pair of earrings.. also found prescription glasses
and a dog leash in great shape..

Will have to give it a second try sometime... and definitely look into saltwater settings... Not the
same I discovered as detecting in Lake Champlain lake water...



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