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Not for me
When I first got out of the military in 1971, my father started to get rolls of cents from the bank, $10 at a time. I would help him sort out the wheaties, then we would re roll the Lincoln memorials and he would return them and get another $10 worth, etc. etc. He always thought they would be worth a lot of money some day. Anyways after searching cent rolls all winter, we found and rolled over 23,000 wheat cents. No key dates were found, and I swore I would never coin roll hunt again, and I haven't, and won't! Before my father passed in 1997, he gave them to me, along with some other coins he had. A few years ago, when silver was up in price, I sold my "junk" silver coins, and the wheat cents that were dated in the 40's and 50's, which were the bulk of them. I was happy to double my money, and get rid of 4 ammo cans full of rolled wheat cent that I've had just hanging around all these years. I kept the dates in the teens, 20's and 30's, as I felt they were worth more. A lot of people make some great finds coin roll hunting, but it's "not for me".
Keep the faith

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