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Using bb code in post
Using bbcode in post are easy and make your post stand out.
Of course there are the standard codes which you can view here.
And then there are some new ones I made which I will post in this thread for reference.
Here are some of the new ones.

Embedding a pdf   
You can attach a pdf to the post then hover over attachment to get link then wrap the pdf code around the link like this.

Embedding google map
[map]keene NH[/map]
Looks like this!

keene NH

Scrolling text
The scroll tag will scroll what ever is between the code.
The options are
  • Scroll up [scrollu
  • Scroll down [scrolld
  • Scroll left [scrolll
  • Scroll right [scrollr
Putting in the scroll tag will need a hex color with it. You can find color codes here.
Example: Lets say I want purple background with white text going right. I find the hex color of the purple I want then write the code like this.
[scrollr=#663380][color=#ffffff]This is white scrolling text on purple background![/color][/scrollr]

This is white scrolling text on purple background!

If you don't want a background color you can just put in # with no numbers like this.
[scrollu=#]Scroll Up![/scrollu]

Scroll Up!
Scrolling text can be annoying!
So try not to abuse it!
Big Grin



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