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Rings Returned
I would like to give a shout out for my wife Cindy, we were of camping last week. On wed we went to a town beach on a lake, after detecting for a few hours we sat down an a man came up an wanted to know if we found a wedding band he describe it an than she pulled it out of her finds bag. Rick had lost it 3 weeks before when he was there with a youth group an just happen to be there with his wife that day an so happy to get it back. We left there an went to another beach in town, ask the life guards if it was alright to detect an they told us about a wedding band that was lost there. Well yes she found that one too! When we got home we mailed Joe in Mass back his ring which had his name in it. This was a big first for her to find two rings an get them back to Rick an Joe in one day. I love you so, Duane
Way to go!
This is another reason you both were inducted into our Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame in 2016. Your deeds made us all proud!!! Thank you!
Thumbs Up 
Excellent Cindy!!!!

Way to go Cindy.... !!!

(09-02-2017, 07:25 PM)I Dig VT Wrote: Way to go Cindy.... !!!

That's a plus for you and a positive for our hobby.
Cindy says THANKS

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