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OKie visiting Newcastle. Looking for Md buddies
Ladies and Gents,

I live in a small town in Oklahoma, USA.  Duncan has approx. 23,000 people.    I have been metal detecting for approx. 4-5 years, but due to my travel schedule at  work, I rarely get to go detecting.   I am traveling to Newcastle, UK for five weeks of training and will have weekends free. I will be there Oct 21 (late afternoon) until Nov. 25.   I plan on packing my Garrett ATPro.  I would like to meet up with some local hobbyist who would allow me to join them for some hunts, fill  me in on local MD laws, provide a place or two where I can detect, etc.

Feel free to email me at    I am really looking forward to making new friends, digging in some old dirt and hopefully make a few nice finds. Smile

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